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The Latin word ‘Vita’ describes the process of life and is part of our name and vision - Vitae Care. Our main goal is to dedicate our assistance to the elderly community and provide our services for their health and well-being. Aging is affecting everyone, it’s a part of our life, that deserves our full respect and acknowledgment. We at Vitae Care value and promote the voice and opinion of elderly, it is what we stand for, our core concern and mission. Premier home care is the solution in trend to age gracefully, with dignity in the comfort and privacy of home.

The demographic development on aging clearly shows a growing number and proportion of elderly around the globe. It will deeply impact and distinction the future of our society, having profound consequences that will influence the economy and social progress. A healthy lifestyle, well-being and latest medication enables more and more people to grow older, reaching 90 are not exclusive anymore. It is the benefit and evolution of human beings that has to be perceived and emphasized by our society.

At Vitae Care we are prepared to be part of the new movement by improving and supporting the trend to a redefined lifestyle of the new generation elderly. It creates a new world of new opportunities for the aging community and is creating a higher demand of premier home care services. Remaining and aging in the own home is still the preferred style of senior living. Home care agencies as Vitae Care are ready to provide solutions to enable the elderly to enjoy home with the care and support they will need.

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Although you only started working part time with our family member, we knew that you would be able to help guide us when it was the right time to go full time. You did not suggest the option of full time from the beginning. Thank you for your honesty, vision, and care planning advice.

– Tommy, Vitae Care Client

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