Aging in familiar surroundings. Recovering from surgery or illness in your home. These are comforts that we all prefer over sterile hospitals, senior communities, and convalescent homes. There is a place where frustration is met with compassion, fear is met with reassurance and anger is met with understanding. With Vitae Care, that place is called home.

Our in-home care is designed to help your loved ones live the life they’ve grown accustomed to, regardless of their physical or mental condition. From the smallest of errands to the most urgent and life-saving assistance, we take care of your loved ones’ needs, allowing you to focus on preserving and strengthening your relationship.

Whether your loved ones require temporary or long-term care, we have the caregiving expertise that makes the difference every day. Our staff is capable of caring for patients suffering from chronic illnesses and disorders, disabilities, and injuries, and can provide assistance during a period of infirmity or ongoing therapy.

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Chronic Illness

Living with a long-term illness can be painful and confusing. Our compassionate home care aides are trained to manage illness and disease, making every day easier and brighter for everyone.

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Therapy & Convalesce

A stress-free recovery period is one of the most vital things you can do to help yourself or your loved ones regain vibrancy and mobility. Our expert in-home care aides are here to support you at every step.

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Accidents & Injuries

You can’t prepare for accidents and injuries, but you can get the best care once they occur. Instead of struggling to get things done, let us offer you and your loved ones the support needed.

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If your loved ones are accustomed to an active lifestyle, periods of bed rest can be challenging. Our caregiving staff helps you to take care of the details while they’re off their feet, so they get back on them quicker.

Vitae Care Advantage

Hiring in-home care for your loved one, entrust Vitae Care will help to ease your worries, a good quality of life will return to the home of your loved one. We are committed—It’s our mission.

Transfers to therapy and doctor’s appointments

Are you suffering from a chronical illness, recovering from an accident? We are with you every step of the way. Our caring companions are attentive, calm and ready to help.

Benefit and stay in the comfort of your home

Our approach is professional and concerned, our services advance the healing and recovery process or help you dealing with impairments—in your own home

Recovery, well-being, staying healthy

The services of Vitae Care compile healthy nutrition, regular physical activity, stimulate brain health. Enhancing recovery, well-being and healthy lifestyle for your longevity.