Whether it’s a parent dealing with the effects of aging or a spouse recovering from surgery, you're aware when your loved ones need assistance. Sometimes, it's just a matter of helping with the occasional errand. Other times, a regular companion is required—someone to bathe them, help them get dressed, and make sure they've eaten a healthy meal.

Get the help you need with Vitae Care. We’re committed to keeping your loved ones comfortable and cared for with a spectrum of home care services that meet their unique needs. But it’s more than just a warm meal or a safe ride to the store. We get to know your loved ones on a deeper, more personal level to provide a level of care that you won’t find anywhere else.

icon home care services companionship


The days can feel long when you're on your own, recovering from illness or easing into a slower lifestyle. Our friendly staff is always available to keep your loved ones engaged and enriched mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally.

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Leaving the house doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether it’s the doctor’s office, the hair salon or the local supermarket, we’ll take your loved ones wherever they need to go and make sure they get home safely afterward.

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Diet & Nutrition

Preparing three nourishing meals a day can become a burden. Your loved ones can rely on our caregivers to prepare their meals and accommodate even the strictest medical diets. They can even offer feeding assistance.

icon home care services errands


No errand is too small. From mailing a letter to retrieving groceries and medicine, we’re happy to run your loved one's errands—so that they can focus on doing something they enjoy. Just ask and we will accommodate.

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Our caregivers are dedicated to keeping your loved ones comfortable, monitoring their health, and ensuring their environment is sanitary. The care we design can cover a spectrum of care services, and we’re committed to meeting each one.

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Your loved one's home is their sanctuary, and our caregivers are delighted to help keep it that way. From housekeeping to getting them online and caring for pets, we learn what your loved ones need in their daily lives—and provide it.

Vitae Care Advantage

Benefit greatly from all distinguished services provided by our gentle and compassionate caring companions. We have what it takes—It’s a promise

Tailored services for your special needs

Our client liaison assesses all aspects. We are experienced, specialized in caregiving and respite care. Instead of a whole package, we offer an individual mix of services which best fit for your goals and needs.

Exceptional security and safety in your home

Keep you safe and sound at home is a topic we take very seriously. We’ll be taking away all your fears, protect you from fraud or abuse. We care about your freedom and well-being. It’s a matter of trust.

Instant and reliable support in case of an emergency

Being prepared for emergencies may be live saving. Vitae Care will work out a plan with you on how to react in case of emergencies, whom to call first, precautions to be taken. Vitae Care—The competent and sustainable resource.