Life is about experiences. It’s having something to look forward to and making the most of our days. But as we age or deal with illness, it can be difficult to do the things we want to do. When your loved ones want to age or recuperate gracefully at home, Vitae Care can provide the caregiving support they need.

Looking after the people you love seems natural, but the emotional toll can be devastating. We understand. We are dedicated to easing the burden, so that you can spend more quality time with them while we care for their needs. Together, we will develop a customized care plan to manage your loved ones’ daily living activities. Once this is completed, we will carefully match them with the right care companion who can best provide the services they require.

But providing care doesn’t have to be about schedules, plans, and grand gestures. Sometimes, it can be as simple as putting a smile on someone’s face. For the small moments that bring smiles and the big ones that save lives, let Vitae Care be there for the people you love.

How Much Care Do You Need?

Care doesn’t have a time limit. Sometimes life gets in the way, and your loved one may need more care than you initially believed. We make our services flexible and tailor them to their needs, so you can rest easily knowing they’re always cared for.

icon caregiving short-term

Short Term Care

If an injury occurs or your loved one requires bed rest, we can step in to provide short-term care for as long as they need it. Our reliable caregivers can look after their comfort and take care of household chores, so they can relax.

icon caregiving long-term

Long Term Care

A disability or long-term illness can be difficult to manage. We can be your support system for the long haul with flexible options in place to ensure the person you care about don’t have to struggle.

Care Engagements—Whenever They Need Us

Whether you just need some time off from providing direct care or your loved ones require round-the-clock care, let us be there

icon caregiving part-time

Part Time

Whether it’s a daily or weekly visit, our caregivers are here to support your loved ones. And if they need us outside our normal hours, we’re always just a phone call away.

icon caregiving full-time

Full Time

Sometimes, round-the-clock care is required. Our skilled caregivers are available 24/7 to provide support to improve quality of life and help your loved ones maintain their independence for as long as possible.

Vitae Care Advantage

There are many advantages to engaging with us. Enhancing the good quality of life and well-being is our utmost goal. We are the resource of trust—It’s a smart solution

Flexible, changeable schedules aligned to your personal demand

Are you discharged from a hospital, need support due to chronical illness, disabled or in need of respite care? 24–7 or mornings only, two weeks or long-haul; we are offering the flexibility to adjust and change our services upon demand.

Caregiving from our family to your family

You’ll be in good hands with Vitae Care. We have skilled, experienced caring companions who respect you and support your privacy. Come to us and find quality senior caregiving that fits with you and your family, let us take care of things for you.

The resource you can trust and rely on – always

Trust and professionalism are the bases of our services. Keep calm and expect us, we’ll inform you beforehand about when we show up and how many hours we stay. We deliver our home care services reliable, reportedly. Punctuality is our pride.