Vitae Care makes a difference and provides the most dignified and affordable in-home care to elderly and other individuals. We are thriving to better the world for the aging community and to continuously expand our services.

Let us show your loved ones new possibilities in home care. They’ll discover how unobtrusive we can be and how quickly we can earn their trust. Because we set up our premier home care agency with one goal in mind—to improve lives. We can’t wait to improve theirs.

It’s the comfort of familiar surroundings. A lifetime of endless memories. It’s being close to the people you love and who love you. It’s simply knowing you are where you want to be. In the place where you’re happy, healthy, and cared for. We've developed a system for providing this exceptional level of premier home care. It's simple: we find the most trustworthy caregivers available, screen them rigorously, train them thoroughly, and treat them extraordinarily well. The result? They treat your loved ones even better.

Our caregivers are resourceful, compassionate, and proactive. Across a sea of circumstances and life stages, they are capable of addressing each person’s real needs—whether concrete or emotional. And they provide care with deep intelligence and heart.

Our bodies and minds may slow down as we age, but life doesn’t just pause when we grow older. At Vitae Care, we believe that no person should be overlooked. Everyone deserves the opportunity to continue living their life to the fullest. So we launched a global movement, ensuring every person has a voice and the care options they deserve as they age. It’s a revolution we call premier home care.

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